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The following activities and accomplishments occurred in December 2016.

Interoperability Committee

Radio Interoperability Best Practices Working Group: This group met to approve the current draft of Best Practices A, D, and J, and the overall report that will accompany the individual best practices, and to approve sending the draft to the Interoperability Committee for review. Best Practice #A covers the best practice for channel naming recommendation of the interoperability channels, Best Practice D deals with Change Management, and Best Practice J deals with training. The small writing group also met to review comments and to begin work on Best Practice #L which addresses Governance. The Working Group will be sending the drafts of the report and the first three Best Practices through the editing process before submission to the Governing Board.


Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Working Group: The group heard a presentation from Paul Baril from Philips Lifeline on mobile personal emergency response (mPERS) devices, including information on how the devices function and how his company handles alerts from the devices. These types of mobile personal alerting systems are becoming more common and public safety agencies are receiving requests to respond. The group is discussing the need for an educational outreach document to address this new technology.


Cross Border Working Group: The group heard updates on the recent CITIG 10 conference as well as on plans for a second webinar on cross border licensing. OEC also provided an update on its activities. The group reviewed the progress of several group projects, including an in-depth outreach document detailing the documents pertaining to licensing frequencies cross border to supplement an initial overview published in August. The group is waiting to confirm information from Canada before completing another outreach document on sharing cellular account information between the U.S. and Canada. The report will include background on the policy and laws of each country as well as a set of suggested solutions and advice for the PSAPs.

Spectrum Management Committee

NPRM on Multiple 800 MHz and 700 MHz Spectrum Issues.  The Committee reviewed and summarized comments submitted by 29 parties in this proceeding, creating a spreadsheet to compare the positions of parties commenting to the positions of NPSTC. Based on a review of this information, a decision was made not to submit follow-up Reply Comments.


Spectrum Access System:  The Committee hosted a session on dynamic spectrum sharing through SAS for 40 participants on December 7. The session provided an educational overview on SAS and its implementation at the 3.5 GHz band.


 IMSA Request for Waiver: NPSTC submitted an Ex Parte filing to the FCC on December 7 to support the IMSA request for waiver.

Technology and Broadband Committee

LTE Deployable Assets Working Group: The group continues work on the draft version of the Broadband Deployable System Report. Submissions from the chapter leads in that document have been combined into a single draft and the group is in the process of reviewing the first set of edits to that document. The requirements identified early in the project have been combined into a spreadsheet and the Working Group has completed a review of those to ensure they have covered each of them in one of the completed use cases.

Broadband Emerging Technologies Working Group:  The group’s first project, a report on the FirstNet Status Page, was approved by the Governing Board and has been distributed. Early work continues on a report addressing rural implementation issues as well as ongoing research on the subject of sensors and analytics.

LMR to LTE Integration and Interoperability Working Group: The group continues work on the use cases which will support their final report. These use cases demonstrate the features and functionalities that public safety will need during the migration from LMR to LTE. The current work centers on encryption and how it will be impacted when integrating LMR and LTE. Group members continue to work offline to build those out based on the comments received and group review.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Robotics Working Group: The group has reviewed the near final draft of their first report and reviewed comments on the Unmanned Air Systems and Robotics - Guidelines for Creating a UAS Program report. Members have submitted additional content to various chapters which is being incorporated into a new draft for the group to review. When the report is completed, the group will begin working on the use of UAS as an aerial communications platform based on issues identified in the Deployable Systems Working Group Use Case on the same topic.

International Public Safety Requirements/Standards Task Force: NPSTC continues to monitor 3GPP standards efforts. There are new requirements regarding mission critical voice (MC PTT) that may allow two separate application servers to manage first responder communications. This will help ensure continuous communications between public safety personnel if a backhaul connection fails. There is also updated work regarding the management of LTE encryption keys. Both of these issues are being followed in the Broadband Deployable Systems and LMR LTE Integration and Interoperability Working Groups respectively.

Radio Programming Compatible Requirements (Radio PCR) Working Group: Work continued offline to finalize updates to the PAM Tool update and ongoing efforts to address issues in the work plan established at the meeting in Houston in September. Work also continues offline on the creation of state tabs beta programs with Colorado and Michigan. Members of the group plan to attend a TIA meeting in February to request creation of a technical bulletin that will standardize import/export of basic radio features.

Video Technology Advisory Group (VTAG): At the request of the VQiPs group, the Video Handbook Volume 2 Draft Final Report was distributed to the VTAG group members for review and comment.

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